Get a Fantastic Website!

Known for our creativity in delivering exactly what our clients want. We accomplish this by paying keen attention to our clients ideas and desired outcomes and going above and beyond to make sure you achieve it..  You will always get creative ideas and tips to enhance your business.  Web Design and helping businesses connect on the internet is what we do!  Call 201-503-4037 for a free consultation.

Web Design should be custom and tailored to your business. To get you started here are a few plans that you can use as a starting point to getting your business online, getting your website revamped, or starting a blog.

Professional Website Package

$495 Professional Website Package
Includes a custom professional website and blog – A solid starting base for any business.

Professional Web + Marketing Package

$695 Professional Marketing Package
includes a custom professional website and blog + Custom Logo + Business Cards


Our Custom Professional Website is packed with interactive features, it includes

  • Custom design, no template.
  • Includes 5 pages of static content
  • Blog with password access for you and your team. A great addition to your website so that after your website is live you can continue to grow your website content and interactivity with your customers. (optional)
  • Custom business email set up for you and your team. (optional)
  • Contact Form
  • Sitemap + SEO – search engine optimization for all pages.
  • Custom rotating headers this package includes up to 5 custom rotating headers
  • Social Media Integration
  • Paypal Integration
  • Ad revenue implemented.
  • Product pages of  5-10 products. (After 5-10 products a fully functioning e-commerce  website would be recommended.)
  • Tons of optional FREE add-on options. Such as image galleries, news feeds, background music, custom content shown by date, event calendars, maps and much, much more.

And best of all you get ALL of the above features of a stellar website design cost of just $495 + Hosting for which we highly recommend Go Daddy or Yahoo.

Your Content Pages
(for example, can be any page title you prefer):

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Services Page (you can have multiple service pages)
  • FAQ page.
  • Events Page
  • Contact Page
  • Our Team Page

About Us

We are a team of professionals that specialize in marketing, web design, and business development.  Nikki is the hands on lead designer.  For this months Fantastic Website special contact Nikki directly at 201-503-4037 so that we can learn more about your project, and you can learn more about this fantastic opportunity to put your business on the web!

(SMILE) If there is one thing we want you to know is we are fantastic at what we do, and we want to do a fantastic job on your website project. So please call us, hire us and lets get started on your FANTASTIC Website today!

What is a Fantastic Website?

A fantastic website is one that is custom built and designed to suit your purposes. A fantastic website is not a cookie cutter website in which you choose a template that someone else already has and you just input your content. A fantastic website is unique to your audience, it caters in ease of use to what your customers are looking for.

A fantastic website can be a simply stated website, or a website with all the bells and whistles, media and graphics added on. A fantastic website is one that fits your brand. And we will make that fantastic website of yours as search engine, and navigational as possible. We will make sure you get your point across!

Fantastic Website Pricing

Our website pricing is flat rate. We choose to offer your website at one flat rate so you don’t squeeze your business into a cookie cutter website that is sold as one size fits all.  You don’t want to have to stuff all your content into a website that is too small, the average website is a minimum of 10 pages.  Having 10 or more pages, increases you link popularity and in turn your Google search visibility.  Having 10 plus pages ensures your content is presented in an easy to navigate format, and is engaging to customers.

Flat rate pricing means you get more bang for your buck, you name it you get it. We tried offering the cookie cutter websites it never works, because each project is so unique. If you want help setting up your social media pages, or a few simple graphic designs we help with that no additional cost.

Call for a free consultation 201-503-4037

Your responsibility in the web design process 

  1. Submit all content that you would like for your website in a proof ready format meaning when you email us the file in a Word Document it is as you would like your readers to view it.
  2. Submit images for your website, let us know what colors you ant on your website
  3. Email us your logo, if you don’t have one that’s okay, but it would be a great branding tool to have a logo for your website to get one click here.

Learn more about the website process.